Updated on Tue, 05/22/18

Energy Express Fuel Agreement

Definitions / Terms & Conditions


Home Heating Oil (“Fuel”) also known as No 2 Fuel is a low viscosity flammable distillate fuel oil for use in atomizing type burners for domestic heating or for use in medium capacity commercial-industrial burner units. 

Above-Ground Storage Tank (“AST”)

Underground Storage Tank (“UST”)

Tank Truck

Express AutoDelivery:  No need to call for deliveries, we track your usage and project the rate of consumption of fuel based on the size of the storage tank, the size of structure, the temperature, previous usage history, and other relevant factors and shall make deliveries from time to time without being called by applicant until the applicant notifies Energy Express to stop.  This allows Express the ability to plan and cluster deliveries around the smallest geographical area and the most efficient routing possible.  This is why we can consistently be among the lowest priced discount oil company on the market.

Express OnDemand

Cancellation: Customer must notify Express in writing via the Contact Us section of the Energy Express website and allow for 48 hours for processing. 

Price means the price per gallon for the Fuel listed on the Energy Express website. (www.myexpressoil.com)

Fuel Agreement means the applicants agreement to purchase and accept their Fuel at the price posted on the Energy Express website (www.myexpressoil.com) at the date and time of delivery, not at the time the order is placed unless otherwise noted.  The Fuel Agreement will be based upon Automatic Delivery or On Demand terms and conditions depending on the applicant’s designation.  The applicant authorizes Energy Express to extract funds from their personal bank account or credit card in full at the time of delivery.


By and between ENERGY EXPRESS, LLC, a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company hereafter (“Express”) and CUSTOMER (“Applicant”) hereby agree to and accept this Fuel Agreement, and acknowledge that each is legally bound by terms set forth herein.  

Express is hereby authorized by Applicant(s) to deliver home heating oil to the address listed by applicant.