Updated on Tue, 05/22/18

How it works
learn the simple steps.

Set up your account through myexpressoil.com. Place your order and select a delivery date when we'll be in your area. Provide a credit card for payment and you'll receive our PROPORTIONAL PRICING DISCOUNT, which ensures the lowest possible price per gallon. It's that simple.

Even same-day or emergency deliveries include the PROPORTIONAL PRICING DISCOUNT if we have a truck in your area.

As part of our current offer, we are accepting phone orders until September of 2010.

Email Notifications

After signing up with your email and zip code, we can notify you of price changes, special un-published discounts and up-to-date information about when we are scheduled to deliver in you area. This way, you always know when it pays to place your order and receive maximum savings. No more checking the paper and hoping prices are down!

Proportional Pricing Discount

We have developed a unique way to deliver our discounted incentive to our customers for utilizing the web ordering process. We charge our regular posted price for the first one hundred gallons of oil on every delivery (which covers our costs) and offer a heavily discounted price for each gallon thereafter.
(See important rules and restrictions.)

Different…Better. Other companies discount your oil in 50-gallon increments. Most won’t offer a discounted rate unless you get at least 150 gallons. At Energy Express, we don't think that’s fair. What happens if you get less than 150 gallons? We’ll tell you…NO discount. Some companies may even refuse your delivery.

That's why at Energy Express is truly the fairest way to price oil. We ensure that every gallon over the first 100 gallons is equally discounted.

No worries, you deserve it.