Updated on Tue, 04/10/18

My Express Oil: A 100-Gallon Giveaway Winner and Her Story

Last year's 100 gallon giveaway winner, Geraldine Facchiano of Levittown was "thrilled to win." That's how she remembers the day she found out she would be receiving 100 gallons of free home heating oil in the My Express Oil 100 gallon giveaway on 2011.

Geraldine recalls, "It was a wonderful unexpected surprise." When asked what she did with the extra money, she shared this:" All my friends said 'pay some bills' or 'put it away for a rainy day'. I considered it found money. So I decided to use the extra funds to fund something from my bucket list.

Geraldine laughed as she explained, "I know I may look young but I have a few years under my belt! Ever since I saw you could swim with dolphins I have always wanted to do it. I figured this was the the universe speaking to me through My Express Oil and they both said go swim with those darn dolphins!"

"It was a once in a lifetime thing for this girl. I did it and I can scratch it off my list. Thank you, My Express Oil. You made this woman very happy. Good luck to the rest of you..... Spend well my friends!"

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